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How To Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

Bravery Careers April 7, 2022

Everyone experiences a sense of excitement when first starting a job. However, things may become a little stagnant eventually, and you might feel ready to advance. These are some tips for approaching your boss about a promotion:

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Tips for Working Days When You're Just not a Morning Person

Bravery Careers March 8, 2022

Many people in the world don't consider themselves "morning people." These individuals may be groggy, cranky, and demotivated early in the day. You'll have to find a way to adjust if that's you, and your job requires you to come in early. These are some tips for handling it better:

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Why Your Application May Have Been Rejected Right Away

Bravery Careers February 7, 2022

Almost everyone knows that not all their job searches will end in hiring. However, sometimes it seems like the rejection comes a little too quickly. It can be devastating to get a rejection letter less than 24 hours after you submit your application. These are some of the reasons it may have happened to you:

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